We create custom software that inspires people and drives businesses forward.

Software Development

DUAL IT offers a comprehensive set of custom software development services to help you grow your company and reach your business goals.

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Choosing the best web development partner is crucial to building a successful digital product. Our professional web development services follow proven and tested processes that ensure the best possible results.

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Simplify workload with cloud technology. DUAL IT Cloud Services are designed around our customers and delivered on the platform that best meets their needs.

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Robust mobile applications for improved client and workforce engagement. Offer your customers an iOS/Android hybrid mobile app they will want to use.

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Software development outsourcing to amplify and scale your team. Outsourcing software development opens up a a wide pool of global talent to drive new ideas and elevates your project.

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Top professionals for turning your business idea into a real software solution. With decades of development experience, a deep understanding of global markets, and cutting-edge technical expertise, our team has everything you need to create great products.The flexibility of our teams and the experience we gained so far are the grounds on which we proudly deliver custom software solutions for the following industries:

INSURANCE    mobility telematics, General Insurance
ENERGY    Green Energy power plant management
AUTOMOTIVE    Body Control Modules, Infotainment, Secondary Displays
MULTIMEDIA    Worldwide cable/mobile clients management
FINANCE    Asset Management, Mortgage
TRANSPORT    Migrations to Cloud, apps updates, upgrades
TELECOM    Worldwide Mobile Network management

At DUAL IT, we don’t just create custom software, we build, accelerate, and support your business.

We live and breathe custom software: from development, to APIs, to back-end heavy lifting.We combine both frontend and backend technologies to deliver the best solution for each project. We work in specialized teams while focusing on projects’ overview. We are fluent in: Software Architectures, Cloud, Container Management & Orchestration, Data Bases, JavaScript, Java, .NET, Python, Mobile and Web Servers.

DUAL IT focuses first on people, our clients, their customers, and our team. We believe that small teams of skilled developers, researchers, and engineers can move mountains when aligned by a common mission.

Clients about us

“At the beginning, there was trust! The trust that DUAL IT won by delivering the best-qualified developers and consultants for our clients. It is very difficult in a world where change is a “default” state to manage every situation, but somehow their professionalism and transparency pulled through in every delicate matter that we have been through”.

Denisa Potra | Head of Talent Acquisition and Administration | NTT Data Romania

“DUAL IT is a reliable partner for us. The company brought along suitable candidates that settled very well in the company. The company provides good service. They are very proactive and flexible.”

Paula Tibre General Manager | General Manager | Flutter Betfair Romania Development

“I like working with DUAL IT, they are technically very capable and flexible. If I am looking for a good quality/price ratio, DUAL IT is among the best”.

Marius Campean | CEO | SHE Information Technology GmbH

Let us help you choose the best path forward to deliver the perfect solution.